712 Supply Co. is an online retail marketplace featuring casual apparel, jewelry and lifestyle accessories for people of diverse interests. We believe that style and fashion should always have a story that resonates on an individual level. Our goal is to help you, our customer, feel happy, smart and confident in the way you look.

We are a small business that believes strongly in using quality materials in our products and offering them at reasonable prices. Designed for comfort, our apparel is ethically sourced without the use of sweatshops and prioritizes quality fit, material and construction. Similarly, our fashionable, minimalist jewelry is made exclusively with tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic materials. There are never any corners cut in the interest of profit – we want to ensure you are fully satisfied with each and every purchase. We also believe in supporting domestic production whenever possible: all of our jewelry is assembled and our apparel artwork printed in the USA.

We are excited to offer an increasingly diverse catalog of products as we move forward in the coming months and years.

Where Did We Come From?

712 Supply Co. is the creative venture of two siblings, aged eleven years apart, with very different backgrounds:

Will is the oldest of three and worked in the field of K-8 education full-time for two decades as a teacher, coach and community organizer. When time and opportunity permit, he has also freelanced as a professional web developer and graphic designer.

Malia is the youngest of his two sisters. She was interested in artistic design from an early age and would often tinker with whatever materials she could find at home to create something special. She loves how fashion can be a form of self-expression. Malia’s designs are inspired by culture, travel and nature. She has nearly a decade of retail and management experience in the industry and is currently also enrolled in the Fashion Merchandising program at her local college.

In the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, Will unexpectedly lost his teaching job and, out of necessity, began to consider other possibilities. He had long been intrigued by the idea of an entrepreneurial project that would allow him to further explore his creative abilities, and his sister’s passion and background made her a natural fit for such an undertaking. After several months of careful discussion, research and planning, 712 Supply Co. was born.

Why the Name?

Growing up, Malia and Will would frequently travel upstate with their parents and sister during holidays and summer vacations. Almost without exception, the destination was their grandparents' two-story Craftsman style home at 712 Jefferson St., which served as a gathering point for their rather large extended family. Built more than a century earlier, the house was full of unique charm and character - an ever-present beacon of warmth and stability through good times and bad. Laughter and love were shared with ease by all those who spent time there.

In founding this business, they knew that number represented something meaningful and important to them. It embodied the same sense of decency and trust they wished to convey to our customers in everything we do. Hopefully, that will be apparent when you shop with us.